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The Trouble with Trumples

The Trouble with Trumples

News Item: Donald Trump’s hairpiece escapes and becomes a fast multiplying lifeform, called a Trumple, consuming money and leaving nothing but piles of bad vibes…

Fanarchy released!


Yes, the movie I`ve been involved with since the beginning has finally been released on Epix in the US and HBO Canada north of the border. It`s an excellent doc, and that is only because Donna Davies, the film’s director/producer, is extremely hardworking and diligent in her efforts to bring a diverse and exciting subject […]

Movie Review: Reunion

Runion poster

Time for another movie review, this time of the film “Reunion” featuring again, the wonderful Maria Olsen. IMDB Information on REUNION This review will not contain any spoilers, and I will refrain from being specific with character or story references… after all, it is a horror movie and with the right atmosphere, an unacquainted viewer […]

Digital Asset Management links


A recent rush of research (hey, alliteration!) has resulted in a rousing round-up of great links on the subject of Digital Asset Management, especially as it pertains to video editing. Organizing Your Premiere Pro Project File Naming for Video Editors, Designers & Photographers How To Set Up A Folder Structure Best Practices for Video in […]

The Passing of Greatness

C. Lee Quote tribute

Alas, Sir Christopher Lee has passed into the Great Beyond. I could go on at length about how I’ve been watching the esteemed Mr. Lee in movies for at least 40 years… I could go on about how his greatest popularity came in the last 20 years, when he was well into his seventies, which […]

DNS Server Lists

DNS Server Lists

Just in case a U.S. Or Canadian DNS server is required… US DNS Servers  Canadian DNS Servers

Gone in 20 Seconds


The Hal-con Warp Speed Passes went quick!

Flash CS6 Tutorials

Flash CS6 Tutorials

A collection of Flash tutorials, mainly focused on the use of Flash in animation, not scripting or interactive uses. How to make a basic Flash Animation in Adobe Flash CS6! Flash Character Animation: Basic Classic Tween Walk Cycle Learning Flash CS6 video tutorials how to animate a walking cycle in Flash cs6 Adobe Flash CS6 […]

After Effects Expressions


Expressions in After Effects are little hidden snippets of code that allow certain functions to be accomplished via mathematical formulas and basic scripting. One example is Wiggle, a function that allows for random (as opposed to manual keyframing) variations in a value (like opacity). The code is east to add (alt/opt click on a property […]

More After Effects tutorial links


Understanding Animation Intro to Animation Curves in After Effects Character Animation with the Paint Tools Making a Cartoon in After Effects After Effects Tutorial: 3D Splatter Text Effects Use Music To Create A Particle Splash How to Force Motion Blur in After Effects Tutorial 20 Free AFX tutorials 52 amazing After Effects tutorials 50 Excellent […]