Tea fit for a Pirate

Arrr… This mix came from @DAVIDsTEA Organic Buttered Rum, which has a warm richness to it that would benefit from a little booze!

First, I had to pick a decent rum; I have a couple of spiced rums in my collection, and some flavored rums (including a nice Cuban rum I really must get around to using), but decided something dark and dirty would fit the mood.

I added a bit of Kraken Black Rum (2/3 oz) and Smirnoff coconut vodka (1/3 oz) for the base flavors (the tea has a little coconut in it for perhaps a tropical element). I then sweetened the tea with some DuBouchett butterscotch schnapps and Dr. McGillicuddy’s Raw Vanilla (a schnapps-like liqueur) – I used less than 1/2 oz each.

I then topped the mix off with a little Baileys Caramel to bring the flavours together and add some traditional “tea & milk” coloring. I also added a little organic sugar to taste, not that much was needed.

The combination emerged as a rich, full flavored beverage that, unlike real pirates, was sorely missed when it was gone.